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Ladies spend so much time, effort, and money changing how they look, but some of us men find the look of a natural woman so much more appealing! If you hate shaving, putting on makeup, and all the other hassle, then I'd love to be your fwb. I'm recently single, and have some baggage that makes a relationship not an option right now... but I miss having a lady to play with and fall asleep next to. I am interested in finding a younger woman to play with, but it's not important. Please put ""Natural Woman"" in the subject."


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I wouldn't want them to release content for GW1 these days. The business model they had going was to release expansion packs at very rapid pace, instead of offering a subscription fee. It rolls fine, we are just interpreting it wrong. Ain't going to give a chap the courtesy of introducing himself, guv'na? The death of Zhaitain, and Mordremoth for that matter, was mind-boggingly boring and underwhelming, likely due to trying to make it accessible to play. Oxford is standing nearby. They said that he needed the class as much, even more, than they did. True, but there's a difference between an entirely cosmetic grind like for a skin and grinding for better gear in raids.


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You're not being consistent. It's just ridiculous and stupid to brag about GW1 PvP and then give players a crippled PvP toon with hardly any useful skills and have them to either PvE or grind enough faction with that crippled toon to unlock stuff. They straight up betrayed the playerbase that put them on the map. His swagger and arrogance conveyed total disrespect—all with this amazing smile and high cheek bones. Sure, you can try and make the argument that without hearts you can't get map completion, but so what? You are railroaded to only doing hearts to level up in PvE. If the people that feel betrayed are the ones that refuse to play GW2 because they see it as a "WoW clone" and are too blind to see good game design, then I don't see why Anet should bother if they feel betrayed. The business model they had going was to release expansion packs at very rapid pace, instead of offering a subscription fee.


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Art direction moved from semi-realistic, elegant looks of GW1 to obnoxious glowstick design that even outdoes WoW. Which means they are still unique. Which he might, unfortunately. From what I could read, "Ascalon was charr homeland" was retconned into the story around the time leading up to Eye of the North I have to get home from work to clarify this and read the manuscripts. The whole storyline around Lazarus made 0 sense. Almost like there was a leak coming from somewhere. You assume I don't understand how you view my responses because you're fully aware I don't care how you view them. They are the most succesful MMO, not the original.


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I'd log in, look at the storyline quest go meh, then maybe help kill a world boss. Wouldn't have taken much, either. This is not the designated place for licking Anet's ass, there's the official forum for that, I suggest you go there instead for likeminded individuals.

hot older nude women date sites ascalon georgia ga The Unique Benefits at this House: We have a lot of fun. i want to fuck someone now get laid tonight smithburg nj;. I am supposed to say "fuck it" sing kumbaya and have a big ol' circlejerk with the Many Charr were kicked out of Ascalon because humans said "f you, we want this".


Just a few pointers on how to make the CL dating scene a bit more successful for all (I'm not picking on women here, as much of this advice is apropos to both genders).

1) We're all vain, but when you post a picture, don't pick the best photo of you ever taken. I'm more interested in seeing an photo of how you'd look under normal circumstances, and I'm guessing that I'm not the only person who's met someone from craigslist and thought ""Holy Mary mother of Jesus!, what the eff?"" Given the right lighting and the perfect angle I could make the Elephant Man look smokin' hot.

1b) Don't post a photo of a sunset, mountain scene or a babbling brook. Lame, lame, lame, and don't make me tell you why. It just is.

1c) A photo of you on a motorcycle wearing a helmet or a microscopiy tiny pic of you way, way down a hiking trail sets of alarm bells for us. LOUD bells.

1d) Post a recent pic. A 35 year old woman sending a high school photo is wrong on so many levels. So, so many levels...

It should be noted that the vast, vast majority of men aren't looking for a model-hot woman, as we're far more flexible about looks that you might imagine. We just want to avoid the occasional, crushing disappointment that a non-representative photo can cause. We're all about avoiding the pain.

2a) If you're fat, say it. Don't say ""big"" or ""curvy"" or ""well-proportioned"" or the dreaded and overused ""Rubenesque"". Let us know. There are chubby-chasers out there who'd be interested in you. Truth in advertising works!

2b) And don't say ""I could stand to lose a few"", as this is the same as saying ""I'm fat"". We don't want to meet someone who's getting ready to ""fix"" themselves by losing weight. Lose it first, then post here.

3) Please don't tell us you've been hurt in the past. Everyone over the age of 18 -women AND men- have been crapped on and abused in a relationship. In the end, if you're still hurting, don't post until you're ready, as we don't want the burden of having to prove to you that all the men in the world aren't rotten, knuckle-dragging scoundrels.

Ta ta for now, and you're welcome! Enjoy your sunday.